The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a huge time sink. It’s kind of like Diablo with a mixture of Orcs Must Die in it.

I’ve been playing since last night for a bit and already there’s a few issues with it. The UI feels really weird and it’s hard to use the abilities at times cause I feel like I am fumbling with it. Though, I think the Bone Puppeteers need to be tweaked quite a bit since they can revive the skeletons if you can’t kill them fast enough due to them running away. The blue castles are players and the green ribbon castles I think are just the npcs from what I’ve gathered. 

Right now, it seems like the castles I’ve been in so far have the puppeteers in them and it’s overwhelming. There’s a lot of upgrades you can do in your castle. Upgrade the defenders, traps, weapons, and what not. I might play a bit more later today and possibly stream it as well. I am gonna try the guardian guy.

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